Letter: William G. Andersen, Jr. and Debra J. Collins, October 2, 1986.




Andersen, William G. Jr.
Collins, Debra J.

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Letter from William G. Andersen, Jr. and Debra J. Collins to George Kain, 2 October 1986. This letter serves as notice to George Kain that Reston was not among the cities chosen as a finalist in the All-America Cities program. The All-America Cities program recognizes citisen group iniative and action, not action taken solely by public officials, and the balance of civic, public, and private sector action is carefully weighed in the decision process. The letter is accompanied by a copy of the entrance form provided by Kain. Andersen and Collins address specific reasons why Reston was not chosen as the All-American City including waning civic involvement, previously noted problem areas had not significantly changed; and unconvincing descriptive language about Reston. Planned Community Archives Collection, 442.03.


Letter: photocopy, 11" x 8.5" (29.7cm x 21.6cm)


Reston (Va.), All-America Cities