A Model-Based Testing Technique for Component-Based Real-Time Embedded Systems




Guan, Jing

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The growing complexity of modern real-time embedded systems makes component-based software engineering (CBSE) technology more desirable. Although many ideas have been proposed for building component-based real-time embedded software, techniques for testing component-based real-time systems have not been well developed. A typical component-based embedded system consists of multiple user tasks, as well as hardware, middleware and software layers. Interaction problems between different components can cause system failures in field applications. The challenges not only come from the integration of multiple components through their interfaces, but also include the composition of extra-functional properties. A real-time embedded system needs to achieve its functionality under the constraints caused by its extra-functional properties. Since the time at which the system actions take place is important, correct functional behavior with regard to timing properties is essential to real-time embedded systems. Therefore, this research is intended to help detect both functional and temporal faults during the integration of component-based real-time embedded software.



Computer engineering, Information technology, Component-based software engineering, Integration testing, Model-based testing, Real-time embedded systems, Software testing, UML model