Bulldozers in the Desert: The Framing of Cultural Heritage Destruction in Palmyra in 2015



Cloud, Morgan

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This thesis examines the history and prevalence of the destruction of cultural property during armed conflict and analyzes the way media frames are used to make sense of and define that destruction. The thesis uses Robert Entman’s Frame definition to look at a set of framing categories, based on previous research, to determine how they are used, and how they interact. Specifically, this analysis will use the case of ISIS and its destructive episode in the Syrian city of Palmyra in the second half of 2015. It examines the legal frameworks employed to combat it in order to discern how this phenomenon is conceptualized during armed conflict. These definitions necessitate different responses and are important to understand in the way the public and international institutions come to understand this phenomenon and its relationship to war.



Syria, Cultural heritage, Architecture, Frame analysis, Palmyra, ISIS