Estimation of Ancestry Using Mesiodistal, Buccolingual and Diagonal Tooth Measurements




Navale, Shraddha

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In forensic science, when an individual is to be identified, inmost of the cases, teeth are considered the precious and reliable tool forobservation and analysis owing to the fact that they are the hardest tissueand the only last tissue to decompose in the body, they are multi-rooted onesakin the premolars and molars and also one single rooted tooth – thecanine, attributable to the fact that it has the longest root and thereforebetter allow for better anchorage. Keeping this in mind, this project aims atbeing able to estimate ancestry from the dental data collected viz: the crownmeasurements mesiodistally, buccolingually, diagonally and vertically such asthe crown height, namely. And in this research, it can be achieved byphysically measuring dental diagnostic casts using digital calipers and thenanalyzing the data generated from it using Discriminant Function Analysis.The interpretation and conclusion expected from this analysis is to be ableto classify the dimensions of the teeth as per their ancestral line.



Forensic Odontology, Forensic Anthropology


Navale, Shraddha M. (2019). Estimation of Ancestry Using Mesiodistal, Buccolingual and Diagonal Tooth Measurements.