The Guantanamobile Project




Lynch, Lisa
Razlogova, Elena
Crane, Mike
Barry, Tonianne DeMaria

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Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media


The Guantanamobile Project was an attempt to both inform and collect public opinion about Guantanamo Bay: to help the American public understand the legal, political and territorial issues surrounding the Guantanamo detentions; and to survey, record and archive the national and international response to the administration's actions, the Supreme Court decision, and the role the "fortified American toehold" of Guantanamo continues to play in international conflicts. The Guantanamobile Project had three primary components: this website to serve as an information and survey database and networking center; a mobile "Guantanamobile" to circulate information, perform field research, and hold nightly projection events; and a documentary about the practice of wartime detentions at Guantanamo Bay. The project was supported by Downtown Community Television, Annenberg Center for Communication, and The Center for History and New Media, which provided server space. Hosted at


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