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Rowland, Norman

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Report, Reston Low Income Housing Demonstration Program, Norman Rowland, April 1969. From the abstract: HUD funded a research program at Reston to investigate new ways to reduce housing costs; the program was conducted by Gulf Reston and Divco-Wayne Industries. A new construction system was developed utilizing a light-gage steel frame module. Construction of three prototype modules provided exact material and labor inputs as well as an understanding of the complexity of mass factor production. The new system can rapidly increase the production of housing at substantial cost savings. Two goals for the program: to demonstrate how to integrate low income housing into a New Town; and to make use of advanced techniques in determining how best to provide housing for New Towns in such a way that minimum costs are involved. Planned Community Archives Collection, 445.13.


Report: 14 of 348 pages including appendices and illustrations; spiral-bound; 11" x 8.75" (27.9cm x 22.2cm)


U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), New communities