Multicore Processor Performance Analysis




Kolhe, Gaurav S.

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Central Process Units (CPUs) are becoming the standard processors of current computing systems design. With the increasing performance requirements, the number of transistors on single chip unit cannot grow exponentially due to the limit area, power, and heat dissipation, etc. Therefore, multicore processor design has become a trend for current processor design. A multicore processor is an integrated computing component composed of several (two or more) CPU cores that can execute the program instructions. The individual cores can execute multiple instructions in parallel, thus significantly increasing the performance of programs which takes advantage of the unique architecture. In this survey, we introduce several aspects to demonstrate a thorough survey for multicore processor, including (1) The Need for Multicore CPU; (2) The Need for Performance Analysis; (3) The Ways of Evaluating multicore CPU Performance; (4) Factors that Affects the Performance; and (5) Multicore Benchmarking. Finally, we will discuss the existed problems, as well as future directions of multicore processor design and give the conclusions of our multicore performance analysis survey.



Multicore, Cpus, Computer processor