The Conditions Enabling Members of the Conflicting Parties, the Red Shirts and the Yellow Shirts, to Collaborate in Promoting the Concept of Self-Governance in Chiang Mai, Thailand, in 2009-2010



Singsuwan, Naphaphanni

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This thesis examines the conditions leading to the collaboration between the Red Shirts and the Yellow Shirts in Chiang Mai, Thailand through what is known as “Peaceful Homeland Network: PHN” during high tension of political color-coded conflict in 2009. The research findings indicate that there were six interrelated conditions which led to the collaboration. First, the third- party intervention proved to be critical for the collaboration. Beyond impartiality, in this case, two third-party insiders who were involved with the political conflict, had played significant roles particularly in initiating the collaboration. Second, a democratic atmosphere encouraged individuals to take part in the collaboration despite security risks. Third, the prolonged conflict had affected the Chiang Mai natives for years which encouraged them to collaborate and end the struggle of conflict. Fourth, the identity and political involvement of specific individuals influenced their decisions whether to collaborate or not. Fifth, the conflicting parties’ willing participation was vital for the collaboration. Finally, the parties realized that they had a shared vision which motivated them to continue their work for PHN on behalf of their constituents. Additionally, by recognizing PHN’s effective role in alleviating violent incidents, conflicting parties remained engaged with PHN. In addition, this thesis investigates why some disputants denied the PHN. The analysis reveals that there were four conditions leading some actors to decline to collaborate. First, some argued that the stakeholder identification process was not inclusive. Second, the timing of the collaboration did not befit some conflicting parties particularly those who were emerging leaders of the conflicting groups. Third, lack of trust was a great concern for some members of the Yellow Shirts including “fear of being labeled from the group as a traitor,” a condition which prevented some disputants from taking part in the PHN. Lastly, some believed that another approach would be more effective to deal with the political color-coded conflict.



Collaboration between the Red Shirts and the Yellow Shirts in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Political color-coded conflict in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Conditions leading to collaboration between conflicting parties, Concept of self-governance in Chiang Mai