Miner's Son, Miners' Photographer: The Life and Work of George Harvan




Dublin, Thomas
Doak, Melissa
Schrum, Kelly
Sibaja, Rwany

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Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media


Circa 2010. This Omeka project was a reworking of Thomas Dublin and Melissa Doak's original "Miner's Son, Miners' Photographer: The Life and Work of George Harvan" in the Journal for MultiMedia History, volume 3 (March 2001) (with permission from journal editor Gerald Zahavi). The original project is hosted at albany.edu/jmmh/vol3/harvan/index.html. This retrospective explores the life and work of George Harvan of Lansford, Pennsylvania, a remarkable documentary photographer. The son of a Slovak-born miner, Harvan spent over 50 years recording the work and community life of the last generation of underground miners in the anthracite region of northeastern Pennsylvania. The site is divided into: Introductions and Collections. In the introductory section, SUNY-Binghamton scholars Thomas Dublin and Melissa Doak provide an overview of Harvan's work, life, and historical impact. Nearly 30 galleries of images, audio, and essays constitute the Collections section. Items may also be viewed through specific searches, or by using the site's browsing features.


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