Office Workbook Environment Design Team: Norman Rowland, circa 1969.




Rowland, Norman

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Office Workbook for the Reston Low Income Housing Demonstration Program, Environmental Design Team, Norman Rowland, circa 1969. This section of the workbook outlines performance requirements for the low-incoming housing demonstration prepared by Philip M. Bennett (Architectural Designer), Robert R. Hartman (Industrial Designer), Donald D. King (Landscape Designer) and Carolyn A. Sands (Interior Designer) under the direction of Byron C. Bloomfield (A.I.A) on June 29, 1967. After a discussion of performance requirements, the report details the general and specific performance requirements for low-income housing's outdoor space, living area, dining area, family activity space, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, with regards to the spatial orientation, space requirements, light, surface color, texture and pattern, sound, and care/maintenance for each of these areas. Appendix A contains a listing of human activities performed in a home, organized by room; Appendix B lists zone considerations for housing. Handwritten pencil notations are evident throughout the document; also includes a handwritten memo from the desk of Jane Wilhelm that reads "Dorothy- Read esp. Env. Design section- Jane". Planned Community Archives Collection, 445.23.


Workbook: Photocopy of original; hole punched, 11" x 8.5" (27.9cm x 21.6cm), handwritten notes throughout [memo is 5 x 8 inches, handwritten in pencil]


Reston (Va.), Environmental Design Team