BML Enabled Information Exchange Framework in SES Ontology for C2




Lee, Hojun
Zeigler, Bernard

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This paper explores the Information Exchange Framework (IEF) concept of distributed data fusion sensor networks in Network-centric environment. It is used to build up integrative battlefield pictures through the Battle Management Language (BML) and System Entity Structure (SES) ontology for C2 systems. The C2 process requires multi-level information to assess the current situation in a sound manner. Superiority of information is critical factor to win battles. The SES is an ontology framework that can facilitate information exchange in a network environment. From the perspective of the SES framework, BML serves to express pragmatic frames, since it can specify the information desired by a consumer in an unambiguous way. We explain the idea of information exchange in the SES ontology via BML and demonstrate pruning and transformation processes of SES with proof-of-concept examples.



SES, Ontology, Data Fusion, Information Exchange Framework, DEVS