Development of a low cost Electroencephalogram patient simulator




Lancaster, Brandon

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Conducting human subjects research has some challenges for bioengineers such as lack of repeatability of bio-signals, IRB approval and recruitment. The COVID-19 pandemic has made it even more difficult for researchers to access research subjects. One biosignal that is economical, portable and quick to collect data from is Electroencephalography (EEG). Here we present a solution to researchers’ reduction of access to in vivo EEG signals. The solution is in the form of a patient EEG simulator that is controlled by an ATmega328P, connected to an analog to digital converter and other analog circuitry. Other commercial devices exist but this device was also constructed for educational purposes. The output signal can be adjusted to better match a real bio-potential from a human. Neurophysiology recordings can be loaded onto the device for use. Open source data is readily available for download to add to the database on the device. This simulator has other potential applications such as unit testing for devices under development and more convenient and rapid prototype iteration. Optimization of the device is also discussed.



Electroencephalogram, Simulator