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Leon, Sharon
Ghajar, Lee Ann
Murray-John, Patrick

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Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media


Teaching History Commons was intended to provide the nation’s teachers with a space to share and discover materials related to the teaching and learning of history, and it was constructed on the notion that teachers need spaces to form communities of practice. THCommons was intended to serve as a venue where K-12 history educators can explore, test, and talk about what it means to teach history and improve and expand effective teaching by drawing together user-generated materials and the exemplary content from teachinghistory.org (National History Education Clearinghouse) and from their own storehouses. The hope was that the eventual users of the THCommons would actively participate in this act of discovery and reassembly in the service of improving history education. Formerly hosted at chnm.gmu.edu/thcommons.


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Digital history, Pedagogy