Letter: Marshall Kaplan to Carol R. Lubin, July 5, 1966.




Kaplan, Marshall

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Letter from Marshall Kaplan, Institute for Planning and Development, to Carol R. Lubin, Community Planner for Simon Enterprises, Inc., July 5, 1966. Carol R. Lubin had sent Kaplan Gans Associates, Institute for Planning and Development, a proposal for a new town and Marshall Kaplan's letter is his critique of the proposal. Kaplan criticizes not only the lack of background information in the proposal such as population estimates, income range, and development time period; but also the inclusion of low income people. Kaplan believes that the proposal is too generic and open-ended and proposes the outline should construct itself around certain specifics such as education and community organization; Kaplan also sends Lubin a copy of a "correct" proposal drafted by his firm. Planned Communitiy Archives Collection, 444.18.


Letter: original with ink signature, 11" x 8.5" (27.9cm x 21.6cm): Stamped date July 7, 1966 at the top of the page


Institute for Planning and Development, Simon Enterprises, Inc., Kaplan Gans Associates