Creating Local Linkages




Brett, Megan
Legg, Jannelle
Walters Cooper, LaQuanda
Robertson, Stephen
Kelly, Mills
Brennan, Sheila A.
Dauterive, Jessica
Nguyen, Kim
Wilkinson, Corinne

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Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media


Creating Local Linkages created an open-access curriculum, and a series of online courses using that curriculum, that introduced public librarians to the core elements of researching and publishing local history using digital tools. There were four course cycles. Course participants had access to a users-only forum, powered by Commons in a Box (CBox), where they could post responses and discuss the modules. CBox also enabled them to create documents to share with the teaching team and each other. Over the five modules, participants built out sample content on sites. In addition to the online courses, the team led two in-person workshops based on the CLL curriculum. At the end of the grant period, the team produced a Local History Activity Guide for public librarians to use when planning online or in-person programming, based on the course modules.


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Digital history, Pedagogy, Public libraries