Evolutionary computation and structural design: A survey of the state of the art




Kicinger, Rafal P.
Arciszewski, Tomasz
De Jong, Kenneth A.

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Evolutionary computation is emerging as a new engineering computational paradigm, which may significantly change the present structural design practice. For this reason, an extensive study of evolutionary computation in the context of structural design has been conducted in the Information Technology and Engineering School at George Mason University and its results are reported here. First, a general introduction to evolutionary computation is presented and recent developments in this field are briefly described. Next, the field of evolutionary design is introduced and its relevance to structural design is explained. Further, the issue of creativity/novelty is discussed and possible ways of achieving it during a structural design process are suggested. Current research progress in building engineering systems' representations, one of the key issues in evolutionary design, is subsequently discussed. Next, recent developments in constraint-handling methods in evolutionary optimization are reported. Further, the rapidly growing field of evolutionary multiobjective optimization is presented and briefly described. An emerging subfield of coevolutionary design is subsequently introduced and its current advancements reported. Next, a comprehensive review of the applications of evolutionary computation in structural design is provided and chronologically classified. Finally, a summary of the current research status and a discussion on the most promising paths of future research are also presented.




Kicinger, R., Arciszewski, T., and De Jong, K. A. (2005). "Evolutionary computation and structural design: a survey of the state of the art." Computers & Structures, 83(23-24), 1943-1978.