E-sport Spectator Motivation




Shaw, Andrew

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The purpose of this study was to determine factors, which motivate people to watch electronic sports. The sample consisted of males and females aged 18 to 65 watching e-sport, both online and at live e-sport viewing events. All individuals completed a 56-item instrument comprising the Sports Fan Motivation Scale (Wann, 1995) and the Motivation Scale for Sports Consumption (Trail, Fink, & Andersen, 2000) as well as demographics and e-sport behavior questions. Motivations were analyzed on the basis of subgroups (i.e., gender, age, ethnicity, preferred viewing duration, preferred number of co-spectators, preferred viewing location, and whether or not the spectator was an actual player). Overall the highest motivating factors were entertainment, eustress, and aesthetics on the Sports Fan Motivation Scale, and the highest motivating factors on the Motivation Scale for Sports Consumption were player skills, drama, and knowledge.



E-Sports, Electronic sports, Spectator motivation, Fan motivation, Internet sports, Barcraft