Data Collection Techniques Using Multi-Channel Network Coding in Low-Power and Lossy Networks




Abdulaziz, Mansour

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The underlying motivation for my dissertation research is to investigate the combined use of wireless network coding with multi-channel communication to perform data collection in low-power and lossy networks (LLNs). Network coding allows eavesdropping on non-source, non-destination wireless nodes in order to recombine overheard data with its own data, which increases the ability of the ultimate destination to recover a high amount of information, even in the case of high bit error rates. Coordinated multi-channel communication has the potential to dramatically increase the throughput for many types of LLN applications. My work seeks to unify network coding and coordinated multi-channel communication. I consider several important classes of LLN applications, including scenarios with static data collection sinks and mobile data collection sinks.



Computer science, Data Gathering, Low-Power and Lossy Networks, Mobile Collection, Multi-channel, Network Coding, Wireless Sensor Networks