Article: Wolf Von Eckardt, Washington Post, "The Row House is Going to Town-Not to Mention Country," July 24, 1966




Von Eckardt, Wolf

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Washington Post


Reprint of an article by Wolf Von Eckardt that first appeared in the Washington Post on July 24, 1966 entitled "The Row House is Going to Town--Not to Mention Country." In this article, Von Eckardt discusses the reemergence of the row house under the name of town house. Von Eckardt discussed the advantages of town houses, different architects designing town houses, as well as mentioning a photographic exhibit of town houses at the National Housing Center, which was to start on July 26, 1966. Several town house developments in Reston, Virginia are also mentioned. Pictures of these developments accompany the article Planned Community Archives Collection, 457.01


Textual: Article, black ink over some portions of original, 11" x 8.5" (29.7 cm x 21.6 cm)


Reston (Va.), Townhouses


Von Eckardt, Wolf,"The Row House is Going to Town-Not to Mention Country," Washington Post, 24 July 1966