Verbal/Visual 2016


April 2016


Irvin, Sarah

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Fenwick Gallery, George Mason University Libraries


Creative practice is driven by input or research, even though it is defined by the resulting output or product. A collapse of these categories facilitates new methods of creating and provides alternative routes for the acquisition of knowledge. Verbal/Visual 2016 presents all aspects of the creative process as one. Research and artwork by four MFA students graduating from Mason’s School of Art in Spring 2016 are on view as correspondent parts of a whole. Artists in the exhibit explore the boundaries of a variety of disciplines, searching for places these boundaries can be pushed and repositioned. They combine traditional methods of research with lived experiences as both research and art practice. These collected experiences and information serve simultaneously as their creative practice and to inspire other manifestations of their work. The result is a curated collection of the knowledge of others, the artists’ embodied knowledge and the visual resources they produce that can be read and experienced as texts in their own right.


Exhibition Catalog from the Verbal/Visual 2016 exhibit at the Fenwick Gallery, George Mason University


Visual art, Handmade paper, Social practice, Skateboarding, John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts (U.S.), Veterans, Motherhood, Parenthood, Children, Sculpture, Installation art, Flax, Copper, Cyanotype