The Value of Dialogue in the Georgian-South Ossetian Context

dc.contributor.authorAllen, Susan H.
dc.contributor.authorKalandarisvhili, Nino
dc.contributor.authorTadevosyan, Margarita
dc.descriptionThis publication is also freely available in other languages. Georgian version: Russian version: The contents of this publication are the sole responsibility of the authors and can under no circumstances be regarded as reflecting the position of either the EU or UNDP or George Mason University.
dc.description.abstractIn this collection, we’ve gathered articles that present a wide range of approaches to considering the value of dialogue. The articles also present diverse views on how dialogue fits into the social, political, and economic fabric of each of the societies and what roles it has played at different stages of the conflict. Some of our contributors present views that highlight the important aspects of Ossetian narratives and social-political discourse, other authors highlight Georgian views and motivations around the value of dialogue. We also bring outside voices of experts, practitioners, and scholars who, although outsiders to the region, have been engaged in the region for a long time and bring their professional lens to the assessment of the value of dialogue. Articles included in this volume: "The doomed fate of dialogue in the Georgian-Ossetian settlement: Is there a way out?" by Archil Gegeshidze "Mechanisms for resolving the Georgian-Ossetian conflict and new challenges for dialogue: Georgian-Ossetian context" by Dina Alborova "Why should the Georgian state not be afraid of Georgian-South Ossetian informal relations?" by Ivane Abramashvili "Why is dialogue a big “No” for Tskhinvali?: An economic-financial dimension of the question" by Giorgi Kanashvili "The role of dialogue in peacebuilding and human rights work" by Lira Kozaeva "What happens when politics and civic dialogue cooperate: A story of one exchange" by Paata Zakareishvili "The role of media in organizing a dialogue between conflict parties: The modern aspect of Georgian-South Ossetian conflict" by Lana Parastaeva "The monopoly of victimhood: The role of trauma narratives in the Georgian-South Ossetian dialogue" by Natia Chankvetadze "Establishment of internal public consensus as to the first step towards the process of peaceful resolution of Georgian-South Ossetian conflict" by Anna Parastaeva "Social-philosophical approach to the analysis of the value of dialogue for the peaceful future" by Maria Kumaritova "Opportunities in the stalemate: Russia’s role in the Georgian-South Ossetian context" by Sergey Utkin "The importance of dialogue processes in conflict contexts: The experience of Pan-Caucasian processes" by Juliet Schofield and Larissa Sotieva "The value of dialogue: Views of Georgian-South Ossetian dialogue from US university-based facilitators" by Susan Allen, Paula Garb and Margarita Tadevosyan
dc.description.sponsorshipPublished with the support of COBERM, a joint initiative of the European Union (EU) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).
dc.publisherGeorge Mason University
dc.titleThe Value of Dialogue in the Georgian-South Ossetian Context


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