Letter: T. Keith Glennan and Richard G. Henniger, September 1, 1967




Glennan, T. Kieth
Henninger, Richard G.

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Letter from T. Keith Glennan and Richard G. Henniger, both board members of the Reston Foundation, to the residents of Reston. In this letter Glennan and Henniger, discuss the importance of having basic facilities, such as pools, schools, shops, etc., for a community's wellbeing. Specifically they mention the need for developers, employers and residents to create plans for the growth of community facilities and programs, which had been established by Reston's Deed of Dedication. The letter further mentions the homeowner and cluster associations and their role in developing community facilities, but the letter concludes with the need for a new organization to help both types of associations develop community property. This needed organization, according to the letter, is the Reston Foundation. Planned Community Archives Collection, 448.14.


Textual: Typescript Original; staple holes in upper left, 11" x 8.5" (29.7 cm x 21.6 cm)