Washington View Heritage Area




Hohmeier, Kristin
Butler, Krista
Parks, Laura
Khuanghlawn, Deborah
Clarke, Brianna
Fulcher, Mandie
Watson, Helen
Nicholas, Meg
Loxton, Tammy
Rowley, Amanda

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Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media


The Washington View Heritage Area is a proposed heritage area situated along the Prince George's County Potomac waterfront and surround area. The project goal was to reveal the historic, natural, cultural, and architectural significance of the area and its potential for economic growth through preservation. This website contained an inventory of heritage resources, a map of heritage resources dependent on the then-free Google Maps API, a historical overview of the area, strategies for preservation and development, and opportunities for marketing and education. Hosted at chnm.gmu.edu/wvha.


The WARC file must be opened using a program like Webrecorder.io. The ZIP contains a static version of the website. The ZIP labeled "code dump" includes a code dump of the original website, which was constructed in an early version of Omeka Classic (release 0.10beta)


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