Article: Wolf Von Eckardt, 7 November 1964.




Von Eckardt, Wolf

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The New Republic


Article titled America Tomorrow: Creating the Great Society, by Wolf Von Eckardt, printed in The New Republic, 7 November 1964. This article is broken into seven sub-sections: introduction; What's in it For Me?; Eggheads in Suburbia; Fractured Communities; a Civilized Environment; Uses of Open Space; and a Joy to Behold. Von Eckardt is skeptical about Robert E. Simon's investment and America's reaction to it; namely people wanting to live so close, even above, shops and restaurants in this new town. Von Eckardt traces the planned community's roots in England; discusses town centers in Finland; restlessness in suburbia; society's duty to provide affordable housing and transportation; and the human need for open spaces. Planned Communitiy Archives Collection, 444.03.


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Reston (Va.), England, Finland


Wolf Von Eckardt, "America Tomorrow: Creating the Great Society," The New Republic, 7 November 1964.