For Us the Living




Schrum, Kelly
Rosenfeld, Jennifer
McCartney, James
Lee, Joo Ah
Preperato, Chris
White, Gwendolyn K.
Broubalow, Justin
Swain, Greta
Kelley, Caroline
Nunez, Brianna

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Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media


For Us the Living is a series of five interactive modules that encourage high school students to explore American history through the stories found in Alexandria National Cemetery. Established in 1862 as one of the nation’s first national cemeteries during the Civil War, Alexandria National Cemetery’s rich history invites students to explore connections to the Civil War, civil rights history, women’s history, the Lincoln assassination, and Reconstruction. Through the modules, students learn historical and critical thinking skills as well as content — the “how” of history in addition to the “what.” Each module invites students to analyze primary and secondary sources, including photographs, maps, legislation, diaries, letters, and video interviews with scholars. At the end of each module, students can complete a digital activity or service learning project related to the module theme, at their teacher’s discretion.


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Digital history, Pedagogy