Letter: Eleanor M. Hosley to Carol R. Lubin, November 29, 1967.




Hosley, Eleanor M.

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Letter from Eleanor M. Hosley, Executive Director, The Day Nursery Association of Cleveland, to Carol R. Lubin, Reston Virginia Foundation for Community Programs, Inc., November 29, 1967. Carol Lubin had sent a proposal for Reston's day care facility to the Day Nursery Association of Cleveland for recommendations. Eleanor Hosley, Executive Director of the Association, praises Reston's efforts in designing the children's center, however has one criticism. Hosley dislikes the idea of any facility constructed for babies and children, but accepts their necessity. She stresses that continuity of care-takers, on a daily and yearly basis, is one of the most important features in the development of toddlers. Hosley is overall impressed with the report and plans as a whole. Planned Communitiy Archives Collection, 444.14.


Letter: Photocopy of original, 11" x 8.5" (27.9cm x 21.6cm)


Day Nursery Association of Cleveland, Reston (Va.)