Exploring Issues of Relative Deprivation in the Zabaleen Community in Cairo



Eisenschenk, Nicole Alexis

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This issue explores the effects of waste management privatization, a neoliberal policy, on a marginalized community in Cairo known as the Zabaleen. This study first introduced the economic systems such as neoliberalism and privatization while also focusing on marginalized communities. Furthermore the study looks at Egyptian identity as well as the economic policies of three of Egypt's former leaders, Nasser, Sadat, and Mubarak. The study specifically focuses on the effects on the Zabaleen community and subsequently the waste management privatization that occurred in Cairo in 2002 - 2004. By examining public sources, such as media documents, brochures from international organizations, and documentary, codes and coding categories were established. Those coding categories through thematic analysis yielded four themes, which articulated the effects of privatization on the Zabaleen through a thematic narrative. The results of this study added to previous literature on the effects of privatization and neoliberalism while also confirming the research on marginalized communities. Finally this study could offer guidance and understanding to those in positions of power in how to engage with those who are marginalized within a society.



Zabaleen, Cairo, Egypt, Privatization, Waste management, Neoliberalism