Data Mining With Criminal Intent




Cohen, Dan
Hitchcock, Tim
Rockwell, Geoffrey
Sander, Jörg
Shoemaker, Robert
Sinclair, Stéfan
Takats, Sean
Turkel, William

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Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media


The Datamining with Criminal Intent project brings together three online resources: the Old Bailey Online, Zotero and TAPoR. It allows users to study the rich Old Bailey resource (127 milllion words of trial accounts), using analytical tools from TAPoR like Voyeur and information management tools like Zotero. Researchers interested in studying the Old Bailey can now work in a distributed research environment where they can query the Old Bailey site through a dedicated API; save result sets and queries to their Zotero account where they can be managed; and then send result sets from Zotero to text analysis tools like the Voyeur tools which have been enhanced to optimise their usefulness with these texts.


The ZIP contains a static version of the website.


Digital history