Transportation Plan: Yoshio Kido, October 1980




Kido, Yoshio

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Transportation Plan for New Town Development, from the Viewpoint of Energy Saving and Environmental Preservation, prepared by Yoshio Kido, Special Assistant, Building, Land Development Division, Planning Bureau, Tokyo, Japan, October 1980. Noting the weak energy supply in Japan, Kido proposes five items to be included in the national energy policy: promotion and development of alternative energy sources; promotion of energy-saving activities in various fields; promotion of international cooperation of oil resources; reducing oil dependency; and expediting the development of new energy technology. Kido advocates the active use of insulation to improve the energy consumption in the house; suggests city-wide energy-saving measures in experimental heating sources; and discusses transportation as the major consumer of energy resources. Kido advocates additional national policies to develop and enforce new energy measures to reduce consumption and foreign dependency. Includes graphics, charts, and an article, "Kobe City New Transit System" published in The Japan Industrial and Technological Bulletin, 8 no.5, August 1980. Planned Community Archives Collection, 421.05.


Paper and article: photocopied, 11" x 8.5" (29.7 cm x 21.6 cm)


New communities, Energy, Environmental preservation, Tokyo (Japan), Alternative energy, Oil, Insulation, Heating, Transportation