Report: RHOA and RCA Task Force, May 1984




RHOA and RCA Task Force

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Final Report of the Reston Homeowners Association (RHOA) and Reston Community Association (RCA) Land Use Committee, submitted to the RCA and RHOA Boards, May 1984. This report compiled by members of the Reston Task Force examined the land use in Reston's open spaces and recommended changes or modifications to specific areas that might be made in the final stages of Reston's development. The committee was charged with looking at specific areas: North Nature Center; site of the former stable on Reston Avenue; Baron Cameron Park; and the entire open space system. Report consists of Table of Contents; background history and case studies; observations and recommendations; charts, graphs, and aerial elevations. Planned Community Archives Collection, 436.04.


Report: photocopy, 11" x 8.5" (29.7cm x 21.6cm), pages include handwritten notes, questions, underlines and drawings


Reston (VA) Homeowners Association (RHOA), Reston Community Association (RCA), Reston (VA) Task Force, Reston (Va.), Land use