Entry form: Charles D. McGuire, 1988/89




McGuire, Charles D.

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Official Entry Form for the All-America City Award for Citizen, Action, Effective Organization, and Community Improvement and sponsored by the National Civic League. This entry form was submitted in 1988 and again in 1989 to demonstrate Reston's continuing excellence in community achievements. The entry form questions Reston's rise from rural farms to a booming urban center; current civic projects, the reasons for specific action and any obstacles in achieving the goals for the Homeless Shelter, Town Hall Preservation, and local OB Unit; principal civic groups and organizations operating in Reston and their participation in the projects listed previously; and other factors contributing to the success of the community. See also Letter from Charles D. McGuire to All-America City Program, 31 March 1989. Planned Communitiy Archives Collection, 443.13.


Entry form: typed answers taped to entry form, 11" x 8.5" (29.7cm x 21.6cm)


All-America Cities, Reston (Va.)