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This collection contains record information for datasets produced and shared by members of the George Mason University community. The datasets are available on Dataverse at


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    Predictors of 6-Month Mortality among Nursing Home Residents: Diagnoses May be More Predictive than Functional Disability
    (2014-07-23) Levy, Cari; Kheirbek, Raya; Alemi, Farrokh; Wojtusiak, Janusz; Sutton, Bryce; Williams, Arthur R.; Williams, Allison
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    Microblogging in the community college history classroom, 2015
    (2015) Freels, Jeffrey W.
    This data was from a mixed methods study that explored whether using a microblog in a community college
 history classroom would help students learn the subject matter. This file contains the quantitative data set that 
was used to perform several hierarchical regression analyses and the raw and compiled results of the qualitative
 component of the study. The study was performed from January 2015-May 2015.
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    Collecting Response Time Data Using Amazon Mechanical Turk
    (2014-11-02) Enochson, Kelly; Culbertson, Jennifer
    Researchers in linguistics and related fields have recently begun exploiting online crowd-sourcing tools, like Amazon Mechanical Turk (AMT), to gather behavioral data. While this method has been successfully used for various offline measures—grammaticality judgment or other forced-choice tasks—its validity for mainstream psycholinguistic research remains in question. This is because psycholinguistic effects are often dependent on relatively small differences in response times, and there is substantial doubt as to whether precise timing measurements can be gathered over the web. Here we show that three classic psycholinguistic effects can in fact be replicated using AMT in combination with open-source software for gathering response times client-side. Specially, we find reliable effects of subject definiteness, filler-gap dependency processing, and agreement attraction in self-paced reading tasks using approximately the same numbers of participants and/or trials as similar laboratory studies. Our results suggest that psycholinguists can and should be taking advantage of AMT and similar online crowd-sourcing marketplaces as a fast, low-resource alternative to traditional laboratory research.
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    Temple Data: Jomon and Yayoi
    (2016-03-14) Temple, Daniel H.
    These data include long bone measurements for adults, cross-sectional geometric properties of long bones for subadults, and data regarding linear enamel hypoplasia formation for a series of individuals that was collected using a measuring microscope. The data are associated with skeletal samples from the Jomon and Yayoi cultural phases of Japanese prehistory.
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    Replication data for: Determinants of Exclusive Breastfeeding in Rural Kenya, 2013
    (2016-02-26) Gewa, Constance A.
    Data from a cross-sectional survey conducted among 400 mothers of children, 0-24 months old, in rural Kenya. Data includes information on early child-feeding practices, knowledge of breastfeeding recommendations, beliefs associated with exclusive breastfeeding, socio-economic status and demographic characteristics.
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    George Mason University Arlington Campus Library Instruction Survey
    (2013-10-30) Roszkowski, Beth; Reynolds, Gretchen
    Data and survey instrument from an assessment of library instruction needs among graduate students in the social sciences at George Mason University's Arlington Campus.