Decision Maker Perception of Information Quality: A Case Study of Military Command and Control




Morgan, Grayson

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Decision maker perception of information quality cues from an information system (IS) and the process which creates such meta cueing, or data about cues, is a critical yet un-modeled component of situation awareness (SA). Examples of common information quality meta cueing for quality criteria include custom ring-tones for specific numbers (relevancy), automated color changes on a computer display as inputs age (timeliness), and automated interface pop ups for missing information (completeness). In this work, I propose an information flow model incorporating feed-forward control (FFC) as a means to provide such meta-cuing for decision makers. The empirical basis for this information flow model was evidence collected from a case study of an IS dependent Department of Defense (DoD) global command and control (C2) center.



Information technology, Engineering, Command and Control, Decision making, Feed-Forward Control, Information Quality, Perception, Situation Awareness